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Now that You Have Arrived, You Find Out The Work Isn't Over


Was this supposed to Be So Hard?

Does this sound familiar? You have a circle of folks who depend on you: your spouse, your little ones, your patients, your team, and your community. You wouldn't have it any other way. At the end of your day you collapse into bed only to be woken up later in the night by either a child in need or your own thoughts. How did you not realize just how hard this was  going to be? 


Expectations Versus Reality

Congratulations on everything you have accomplished!! Back when you applied to dental school, you had a vision of what your life would be like at this point.  You have successfully built your family and your practice.  Now that you have arrived, you may be surprised to find that your journey is far from over.  If you are feeing overstressed or exhausted, keep reading. 


What is Life Coaching and How Could It Help Me?

Through a process of coaching sessions, my tutoring will allow you to bring into focus your ability to regain the satisfaction in your life and career that you were expecting. With my process you will learn to deal with the stresses of parenting, leading a team, delivering excellent care, and taking care of yourself for a happier more fulfilled life!

Yes I could use some help!

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Sleeping At Night When Your Practice Lives In Your Head

After a busy day and evening in the life of a Mom-Dentist, worrying about work during sleep hours is the last thing we want to do! happens to all of us. Tune in to this ten minute  video where The Life Coach For Busy Dentists shows you the secret to letting it all go.


You get up early and prepare yourself with the utmost care to present yourself professionally to your trusting patients. 

You nurture your family to get the day launched; breakfast, clothes, 

schedule coordination, and backpacks.

You put on your loupes and spend the day with biofluids in your face 

and patients’ needs in your ears.

You bend, strain, lead, explain, encourage, worry, sign checks, 

and second guess yourself.

You may eat a PopTart for lunch or nothing at all.

You once again feed your family, help with homework, bathe, cuddle, read, and tuck.

You fall asleep reading journal articles only to be awakened by your own thoughts, or a sweet baby’s cry, later on in the night.

Tomorrow you will do it again.

You are a Mom-Dentist. 

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Lets do this. I've got you.

The Life Coach for Busy Dentists