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What IS Life Coaching?

Nobody understands a dentist like another dentist. If a dentist were to learn how to listen, reflect, and teach, you would find a person who could show you how your mind is affecting your life's outcomes like nobody else! You have found that woman. I am  here and Ready. To.  Help.  

Dr Kim Morio Testimonial

Dr Morio, Endodontist, talks about how having a life coach is about more than just mapping out a course for your life, it's about using tools to overcome any problem. 


Weight Loss

Losing weight is all about our human-ness. Our brains, our physiology, understanding the current environment of our food supply and the cultural context of food. My  weight loss program addresses all of this and takes away the constant urges  for yummy things our brain demands of us right now. We literally can stop caring so much about when/what we will eat! Click on the weight loss section at the top of the page to learn more!

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