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 Hello my fellow practitioners! Dr Laura Mach DDS here. You all know that in dental school we learned how to wax a tooth and cut a class II prep. Then once out of school we learned to navigate practice, relationships, parenthood and more. However I discovered that nobody taught me how to manage what was going on internally, in my mind. As a result, I became very stressed and at times unhappy. After learning the secrets to living with less stress and more peace, I decided to help others find the same satisfaction by becoming a certified Life Coach. I am here to help!!!!! Click the button  below to start my free discovery process.  

Life Coach For Busy Dentists

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About Dr Laura Mach

Dental student mom

I started dental school with two small children and graduated with three. This picture shows my kids and I on graduation day. (this picture is 12 years old now!!!)

Subjects Laura Has Learned Personally

I am humbled and amazed looking at this list of accomplishments and challenges I have personally experienced. Divorce. CoParenting. Parenting children with mental health needs and learning disabilities. Escaping an abusive relationship.  Blended family parenting. Raising LGBT children. Being a stepmom. Healthy eating for weight loss and longevity.  Overcoming conventional expectations of women in society. Overcoming cycle of poverty. Transforming a practice. Helping those you lead achieve their highest potential.