Discomfort is the price of reaching our dreams and goals. Find out why in this short video!

My Biggest Mistake In Owning A Dental Practice

This 4 minute video reveals my Big Secret....the mistake I made! Maybe you can avoid the same one if you listen.

The Key To Managing Stress As A Dentist

As dentists, leaders, owners, parents and humans we have a lot of thoughts! Did you know that our feelings of stress (or any other feeling) come from our THOUGHTS? I can teach you to manage your thoughts so that your feelings are  the ones you want.

#28) Emotional Intelligence: A Valuable Asset

Our ability to manage our mood and share happiness with others plays a huge part in the success of our practices. 

Laura's article in Dental Entrepreneur magazine

Laura recently wrote two articles for Dental Entrepreneur Woman Magazine. Here is a link to the first one. Its about how Laura became a dentist!!

Laura's Article

Laura Is Interviewed by The Legendary Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs, the original and greatest dental podcaster, recently interviewed Laura about her video on our favorite subject: Rejection. Follow the link below to find the podcast on his website, or look on itunes, stitcher or Google Play Music by searching Gary Takacs and Rejection.

The Thriving Dentist Show Episode With Laura

Interview With Infant And Toddler Sleep Coach

Laura talks with Infant and toddler sleep coach Meredith Brough about how to get your babies to sleep! Tired moms listen up! We refer in this video to the following website and group



Interview With Mike Mach (My Husband)

Laura interviews her husband Mike for a witness to the changes that occurred for her from being coached. Laura shares a model she made about Mike that helped her feel better about a situation.

#24) Rejection, Why It's Great!

Often we allow the feeling of rejection to stop us from reaching our full potential. Why does it suck so bad to feel rejected? Have you ever considered the idea of embracing rejection as a way to reach your goals?  

#23) Interview With Dr Kim Morio DDS, MS

We talk with the amazing and wonderful Dr Kim Morio who recently started up her own specialty practice. Motherhood, dental school, residency, facing fears!

#22) Transforming My Practice For More Time To Be A Mom

I was overworked, exhausted and didn't have time to see my kids. I went from working 245 days/year to 160.  Now every day when I go to work I am energized and excited to offer my patients the best care!

#21 What I Wish I Knew About Divorce Before Getting Married

This video is for everyone! Married, Single, Divorced, Happy, Sad, it's for all of you! :) . I went through a divorce after getting married young and naive. I certainly didn't understand what would happen if I wanted to get divorced late. More of us need to understand these issues which I believe will result in happier, more stable marriages.