#20) Taking Care Of Ourselves!

Mom-Dentists, we gotta take care of ourselves! Watch this video to find out why and to get some ideas of how to go about it. Health, sleep, nutrition, time for renewal. Being our best parent.

#19) How To Correct An Employee With Gratitude/Future Focus

My most popular video to date! This video explores a systematic and empathetic approach for correcting an employee especially as a female boss-leader. 

#18) The Thought Model In Action

This video delves into how we can solve any problem using a model that helps us analyze what's happening. Looking at a situation or a feeling with a system for labeling its parts helps you see what needs fixed. So good, you guys! The Model is from Brooke Castillo at The Life School. 

#17) The Case of The Shoulds

Every time you have a thought that includes you or someone else "should-ing" beware of thought errors and bad feelings ahead. Its easy to set straight!

#16) Kicking A Bad Habit Out The Door

The art of compassionately making changes in your life through understanding yourself as a biological creature AND a human with a kiss ass pre frontal cortex!!

#15) How To Have A Kick-Ass Team

How I have gathered a team of empowered and emotionally intelligent employees. 

#14) When You Get a Bad Review

Folks, sometimes people complain, despite our best efforts! What do we do about it???? This video discusses the sad/disappointed feelings we experience when someone we serve is unhappy with our efforts. It hurts extra when they make their discontent public.

#13) Hacking Your Hormones For Easier Weight Control

Folks, we have been duped by money making istitutions into eating stuff that can barely pass as food. Worse yet, it's making it a lot harder to be healthy, including controlling our body weight. I learned the long, hard way that eating for satiety and using my knowledge of hormones to "hack my urges" is way easier and more effective than just trying to eat things like those terrible "100 calorie packs" of Chips Ahoy.

#12) Mom-Guilt

We try to be everything to everyone. This video is about why being a guilt-driven mama is not the way to go. 

#11) Mansplaining

What is Mansplaining and why does it make us defensive? This is my alternative look at the subject. 

#7) This Is When You Are Getting Stronger

When we are going through hard times we feel weak, but many times its when our strength grows. I share a personal story of trial and strength.

#9) Letting People Own Their Emotions

First I vent about my day, then I talk about letting people own their emotions. We sometimes (frequently?) feel responsible for how other people feel. This puts unnecessary pressure on us that doesn't really solve anything anyway. The truth is that the individuals around us have their OWN feelings based on their OWN thoughts. Refreshing!

#8) Healthy Boundaries. Save Yourself.

This is so good for all of us, and further allows us to serve. As Mom-Dentists we have a lot of people we want to help. Thats why we're dentists, and thats why we're moms! But if we say yes to too many people, it decreases our ability to help and also our sense of well being. This is a method for saying no without getting mad or pouring on the guilt. Just no. 

#7) Sometimes I Swear

Life is not perfect. Sometimes a swear word is the best way to get the point across. I swear. Just getting that out there cause I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. 

#6) Mom-Dentisting...Its Challenging!

We delve into the specific reasons why wearing the hats of Dentist and  Mom simultaneously  is challenging on our mental well being. All the places we serve, all the things we do in a day, the leadership challenges having a team of employees, the mental load of being the mom (thats totally a thing) and how the heck do we take care of ourselves???? Over time this has become one of my most popular videos and for good reason.

#5) Preparing For The Big Thanksgiving Feast

Is it possible to prepare our mindset for Thanksgiving in such a way that we can feed our bodies and our minds properly without feeling deprived?? I experiment with this method (not for everyone!) that ended up working great for me and has worked well in subsequent  "Food Celebration" situations. 

#4) Buffering...Do I really Have to Stop?? (No)

I discuss why buffering is ultimately not good for us and techniques to stop it, should we choose to ;) You don't have to quit buffering but your life will be better if you do. Disclaimer....I still buffer every damn day so don't think I am not on this journey with ya'll.

#3) Buffering. When We Try to Soothe Negative Feelings

We live in a society that hides from discomfort. As business owners or moms or both, how does this give us a net negative???? There are things in our life that give us a guaranteed hit of dopamine. Shopping, sugar, booze (Ahem...Wine, Moms?) Without realizing what we do, we use those things to hide from negative feelings. Why does this ultimately make things worse.

#2) Our Brains, Our Thoughts, Our Hormones

In this video I discuss why my attempts to control my weight are different this time. I have a long history with my weight (see the About Dr Laura Mach page above if you don't believe me.) Now I am talking about why I can "think about what I'm thinking" (meta cognition)  to improve my well-being and my health. Understanding how desire, metabolic hormones, and processed/manufactured food have made weight control difficult in our society, but how knowing this makes all the difference. 

#1) Introduction To This Journey

Why I am doing this, my origins,  unkind thoughts about ourselves, learning about my thoughts, my brain, and my hormones. Mom-Dentisting, Owning a practice, juggling responsibilities, Having a lot of Feelings.