Weight Loss

Our Current Situation

Efforts to control our weight in this country are cyclical and frequently temporary. My coaching teaches dentists why this is the case and how to eat strategically for an appetite closer to what nature intended, with far fewer cravings.

During my lifetime, my weight had been in flux basically since puberty, I spent many years larger than I wanted to be despite my very best and earnest efforts. I also was ashamed much more than I needed or deserved to be. After learning this better way of eating, food and my weight are no longer at the forefront of my mind.

Coaching you through weight loss, I have no food or supplements to sell, just proven knowledge and experience. The beauty of weight loss coaching is that this process takes a person through the same thought awareness and management as any other client gets,  so people end up with a double dip benefit....healthier body AND mind. 

Does this interest you?

Weight loss coaching is for anyone who wants to change their body to be healthier without cravings and feelings of deprivation. Eating according to this plan allows a person to remove many manufactured products and get back to the basics in a way that feels satisfying and lets your body get to a naturally healthy state. 

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