Is Hiring A Coach Beneficial To Me?

Why Coaching?


Congratulations on being fabulous! You have worked incredibly hard to get where you are.  Everything has happened according to the plan you so carefully laid. Now that you've arrived, you may be surprised to discover that things are at least as hard as they ever were and getting harder! I coach Busy Dentists who are feeling like happiness and satisfaction is eluding them despite their ability to accomplish huge things. If this is you, let's chat!

How Does Coaching Work?


You and I will talk weekly using computer video conferencing, with easy reflective exercises between chats. Over the course of the program, your thoughts, goals, and leadership skills will come into focus, giving you more control over your future and your current sense of well being.

How do we get started?


Getting to know each other is a no cost, no commitment start. We'll both make a new friend in the process so there's nothing to lose. Send a message to me using the website form and I will send you a questionnaire. Set aside 10 minutes to complete the form. I can't wait to hear about you! Then we can schedule our mini session.  The session is your chance to get free advice from me on one topic and see if you want more. I will explain to you after our session how my coaching packages work. You won't be sorry!

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Benefits To You

As you go through the process of being coached, here is a list of benefits you can see in your life:

Better Health: Laura is a weight loss coach and can help you eat in a way that is better for your complete health, not just your pants size (but needing new pants can be a nice side benefit!)

Better Work: Being aware of and more in control of your inner brain chatter will allow you to choose more helpful thoughts about work. This will include interactions with patients, team members, and your own inner dialogue about your ability to be a good dentist.

Better Earnings: No, really! Your mindset is more powerful than you realize when it comes to sales and success. Try it!

Better Relationships: Changing how we see the challenging interactions with our loved ones can have a profound effect on our satisfaction levels. Whether it's your spouse, your mother-in-law, or your teenager, coaching can help you navigate this!

Life Caoching for dentists brings peace and satisfaction
Life Caoching for dentists brings peace and satisfaction